Friday, March 23, 2012

John Carter-Aedan

As you've probably gleaned from the title, this post is on John Carter.  My dad, my brother, a friend, and I went to see it yesterday.  And I must say, I liked it.  It was a mix between Star Wars and Indiana Jones... And that's a good mix.  Lot's of people didn't like it at all, and I don't really see why.  It's directed by Andrew Stanton, who, as you might know, is the director of some of the best Pixar movies, the actors weren't bad, the special effects were cool, and it is based on a old sci-fi book written buy the guy who wrote Tarzan.  Why wouldn't you like that?!  Anyway, that's just my opinion... ok now I'll show some art of really cool aliens.  This is Soma, who is a Thark, which is the alien race on Mars... Isn't that the nerdiest thing a person could say? Here is the rough:
The Rough
The Beginning Inked
The Final Inked
It's not totally accurate since I don't have anything to look at yet, but here you go.


  1. Love it! Glad to see you giving your go at some inks :)
    and for the record, I loved the movie and will be owning a special edition DVD as soon as it hits shelves!!!

  2. WOW that looks really cool, and i wanted to see that movie but my freind said it looked bad ( not that she's seen it but her brother is supposed to be a good movie critique-just from the ads-) but that says nothing

    anonymous the awesome

  3. Yes! This is great, Aedan. And Joe, we're with you on the film. It was a blast to watch. Anonymous, don't believe the previews, the critics, or your friend's brother. Trust the Crimson Phoenix, and all shall be well.

  4. i am so jealous, i heard it was a great movie, dumb critics, they seem to hate everything