Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Post Regarding Two Great Cartoonists

At my library, there is a fine arts section.  It is a room full of huge volumes of masterpieces.  Rembrandt to the art of Disney.  I went up unprepared.  One of the things I was unprepared for was the huge collection of Peanuts that was sitting on the shelf.  I've read about six volumes already.  This strip fascinates me.   I love Peanuts, but I love Calvin and Hobbes even more.  This is the comic strip that makes me laugh out loud; it's funny and... it's amazing art.  In Peanuts he just uses the images to support the joke, they're just scribbles.  Bill Watterson cares about the image, that's a lot of what I love about Calvin and Hobbes.  I've read the whole collection several times.  I have never gotten tired of it.
   Both strips are works of art.  And I admire Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz greatly.

Another Movie

I hope these movies don't bore you, because they are entertaining to us.  They are super fun to make, and it's fun to watch other people watch it.  Were planning to do more maybe less random and goofy.  Thanks.

Another thing.  It's not quite finished yet. There's one little thing we need to do; so I'll probably update it later.