Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Post Regarding Two Great Cartoonists

At my library, there is a fine arts section.  It is a room full of huge volumes of masterpieces.  Rembrandt to the art of Disney.  I went up unprepared.  One of the things I was unprepared for was the huge collection of Peanuts that was sitting on the shelf.  I've read about six volumes already.  This strip fascinates me.   I love Peanuts, but I love Calvin and Hobbes even more.  This is the comic strip that makes me laugh out loud; it's funny and... it's amazing art.  In Peanuts he just uses the images to support the joke, they're just scribbles.  Bill Watterson cares about the image, that's a lot of what I love about Calvin and Hobbes.  I've read the whole collection several times.  I have never gotten tired of it.
   Both strips are works of art.  And I admire Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz greatly.


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  2. Have you ever seen read The Adventures of Tintin? It's a very good comic series and one of my favorites. I also love peanuts a lot, haven't read to much of Calvin and Hobbes though. By the way, that's a very good drawing.

  3. I love this intersection of two of my favorite comic strips! Thanks for posting it - I'd never thought about them meeting!

  4. Nice drawing, Aedan. I am also a fan of both men's work. I recently read a biography of Schulz, kind of sad, but he really was something special.

    I haven't seen anything that surpasses Watterson's work (in that genre). Amazing.

    I enjoy seeing your artwork and reading your thoughts. I have no doubt you have things to offer that we all will be better for having received. Thanks for sharing your gifts and insights.

    I hope to see you once again at Hutchmoot! All the best.

    Peace to you.