Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Movie

I hope these movies don't bore you, because they are entertaining to us.  They are super fun to make, and it's fun to watch other people watch it.  Were planning to do more maybe less random and goofy.  Thanks.

Another thing.  It's not quite finished yet. There's one little thing we need to do; so I'll probably update it later.


  1. funny funny video, i remember when we made that stop motion, i was so fun

  2. Where did y'all film this? I love Lumpy's house. :)

  3. Quite entertaining, sir. :)

  4. LOVE. Too much fun. After watching both productions, I felt a lot like Po at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda -- [With the Furious Five:] "We should hang out." Lump's Smeagol imitation was exceptionally good. And did I detect a hint of Monty Python influence in the random people running into trees, or was that your own creative genius?


  5. The potato is safe! The piranha is dead! And Sir Thph has triumphed! But I fear for the man who is constantly running into trees.