Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Werewolf, and other drawings-A post by Aedan Peterson

The werewolf
   Around this time, last year,  I drew a werewolf in celebration of Autumn.  I have done it again this year with greater wolfishness and prowess.  This wolf is named Harold.  I saw him on a street corner, and asked if he could pose for me.  He didn't want to, so I had to sketch him from inside a bush.  Here is the link to the old post of the werewolf.  And the final version.
Here are the other sketches I did today:
A fang and a grumpy old gas station clerk.

British dog?


  1. Great werewolf and fang (amusingly enough that's really close to how I envisioned a fang to be).

  2. That is an intimidating werwolf. I do not know whether I could have nerved myself up to ask him to pose in the first place, personally.

    I had thought perhaps that fangs might be more bumpy--like alligator skin with warts on it--but you would know better than I. And I am curious as to its interactions with the gas-station clerk.

  3. So good, Aedan. I love watching your progress. I'm kind of jealous. :)