Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gingerbread Man

Run, run as fast as you can.  You can't catch me I'm the... Gingerbread Man?


  There are a lot of weird animals in the world.  But I think that rodents are the weirdest.  You might think, "well... I like rodents, those cute little mice are so cute, and cuddly, and cute.  Why would you think they're weird?"  Have you looked up: rodent?  You will see some strange things, I promise you.  There is actually a SPINY RAT! 
Okay.  So I'll show you what I'm talking about...  BEHOLD!  THE NAKED MOLE RAT!!
I would strongly dissuade you to not look this creature up, for fear of you dying of being exposed to pure ugliness.  It is terrifying to behold.  One tried to attack me with a Nerf sword once...
I think they live on the horn of Africa.  They live in packs from 30 to 130.  I'm going to vomit right now.
   So do you believe me now?  Rodents are pretty weird.  Here are some more.
One of my favorite rodents is the Capybara, though I don't know why.  They just seem so laid back.  Either that, or their planning to take over the world. 
   Now don't get me wrong, I know that some rodents are cuddly, like these:
 The cute ones don't live very long.  The voles average lifespan is 4 to 6 months.  They usually get eaten by stuff like this:

The Marvelous Magnus!

  Here is the first illustration in a project I'm doing.  A friend wrote a short story on behalf of a very famous troll who was head-butted into a river by a big goat.  He asked my friend to publish a story portraying what happened after he so ungracefully fell into that river.  This is the first illustration I've done.
It is brown and white colored pencils on toned tan paper.  I don't know whether I like it just like this, or color corrected black and white, like this:
I like them both.  But I dunno.

So there you go.  I will post more of these as I work on them, and I will probably post the story as well, if it is okay with the author.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic.  But, being a boy, I'd never thought I'd watch the movie, read the book, or associate myself with it at all.  I certainly didn't think that I'd be in a play of it.  But I am.  How in the world that happened I do not know, but once I got to listen to the story, I was pleasantly surprised.  I actually really liked it, and am so glad I tried out for the play my school is doing.  My character is Mr. William Collins, for those who've read the book or seen the movie.  For those who don't know, I am basically just the creepy, socially awkward cousin who comes to take the family's estate.  So with that in mind, here are some sketches I thought I'd do of him in order to develop his character for me.
I took this opportunity to do some sketches of clothing from this time period.
       Very preliminary sketches of his face.
   My first attempt at drawing Mr. Collins...  It didn't turn out like I expected it to...But...  Okay, wait, pause I must say that there is something I do not like about this sketch.  Somethings wrong with the old man.  I just don't know what.
Then after that old-man-in-tree-failure-bad I decided to try a more warrior-like, dramatic aspect to it.  That didn't work out either.  Snap.
Then it came to me.  Ah-HA! I've done it!  Some body bring the fudge pie! To add to the effect, let me add a quote from the play, said by him.
"Novels?!  Why, I never read such works! But... I have with me an excellent volume of Fordyce's sermons."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I apologize. Can I make it up to you?

   I apologize.  I have been extremely inconsistent with my posts lately.  I have still been doing a lot of drawings and paintings, I assure you.  But it always seems such a burden to post them.  So, here's what I am going to do.  I am to make a promise.  I will promise to post every week, usually Wednesday, as long there isn't a cow revolution... There, I said it.  And now I must make it happen.
So on that note, here are some sketches:
Hawk study
Anatomy study

Awesome Dragon

This is Marcus.  He's cool.