Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Marvelous Magnus!

  Here is the first illustration in a project I'm doing.  A friend wrote a short story on behalf of a very famous troll who was head-butted into a river by a big goat.  He asked my friend to publish a story portraying what happened after he so ungracefully fell into that river.  This is the first illustration I've done.
It is brown and white colored pencils on toned tan paper.  I don't know whether I like it just like this, or color corrected black and white, like this:
I like them both.  But I dunno.

So there you go.  I will post more of these as I work on them, and I will probably post the story as well, if it is okay with the author.


  1. These are really good! I really like the black and white version. But they are both so neat..

  2. SNAZZY! Poor troll. It's good he survived after that billy goat most horribly threw him into the river. I think the tan one looks really cool, it would look super snazzy in the book! Can't wait to see more drawings, and hopefully the finished book!