Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit

I saw The Hobbit on Tuesday.  And I have to say... I really liked it!

  I didn't have high hopes, of course, due to the reviews, but when I walked out of the theater I was so happy.  It was three hours long, but I think I stayed awake because of the awesome characters and the humor. The Lord of the Rings was more of a denser, darker book, but The Hobbit... well it's more of a fairy tale.  I think Peter Jackson captured that really well.  It was funny and cartoonish, which I had hoped for this movie.  That is the only reason it really worked for me.  I also thought the orcs looked a lot better in this as well.

I have one more thing to say.  "Gandalf!  Boooooooooom!"

Orc, Dwarf, and Troll.  I really liked the trolls in the movie.
Goblin king, warg.
Ol' Smaug.


  1. absolutely phenomenal, making me want to see the hobbit. GANDALF!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes! I knew you were going to draw something from the Hobbit. Totally like the best book in existence. Glad you liked the movie, some people I know were disapointed, but I don't know why. :) Great job with the Goblin King. He was funny. and (of course) GANDALF!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

  3. LOVE IT! And I loved The Hobbit. :-D For all the reasons you said pretty much. :-D Also the fantastic music and scenery as per usual with LOTR/Hobbit movies!

  4. That Goblin archer is awesome =D

    I'm really excited about The Hobbit. But much to my disappointment, we haven't been able to see it yet. (Tragic, no?) We're hoping to do so during the week-end, though! I'm attempting to draw Gollum, but his rather hideous features are harder to portray than I thought! But we shall see..... GANDALF!
    "Fly, you fools!"

  6. So when will you start selling prints at yourdad's shows. These are crazy good.

  7. Fantastic! We'll take one of each :)

  8. Sweet drawings. I personally found the troll scene kind of disappointing, but I too found myself enjoying the movie better than I feared. Those reviews set me up for a nice little surprise. And even though I'm already a huge Martin Freeman fan, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer awesomeness of his performance. Guys, just go see it for Freeman. It's so worth it.

  9. Hi Aedan! You just won first prize in my Hobbit Giveaway drawing!
    Email me your mailing address and let me know which drawing you'd like to have - your choice! Congratulations and I look forward to sending it your way!
    Merry Christmas,

  10. Aedan, These are spectacular! My heavens!