Saturday, January 5, 2013


I love mythology.  I know that some stuff is weird, but I think it's so cool that these stories and legends have been around for thousands of years.  I have this book that is an encyclopedia of monsters and creatures from different cultures around the world.  I thought it was pretty cool at first, and forgot about it.  Then recently I realized that the encyclopedia could be very useful.  So I got it out and have been sketching a lot of the different monsters, creatures, and weird hybrid animals.  It's a good creative exercise.  So here are various sketches of extremely strange and extremely cool creatures.

I think you could call this a monster.  It was a study for Life of Pi.

An elephant with a horn in its forehead and a serpentine tail... Way cooler than an plain ole oliphant.

He's evil.

A hairless wolf that tends to haunt people who travel by themselves at night.  I don't remember his name.

Kapre.  A giant hairy man who smokes a pipe.  I think he's nice.

Of course, a Griffin.

A Yeti like dude.

An Aloe.  The head of a goose and body of a seal.
An eagle with lightning coming from its eyes.

A snake thing with glowing eyes and eagle feet.

And a Werewolf.  I love Werewolves.


  1. Very interesting creatures! I've always been a griffyn fan myself.
    But I must say, if a hairless wolf starts following me around at night, I will immediately lock myself into a closet and weep in terror.
    That is all,

  2. Nice, I love Gryphons. That yeti-esque creature is also pretty cool. Nice work.

  3. Fantastic!
    These drawings would make any of those strange, awesome creatures snarl, cough, hiss, quack, or incessantly clear their throat in pride.
    I'd stay away from that Yeti dude. He might squish me under his rather large hairy feet.

  4. Not to follow the flow with the majority of other comments, but I think Griffins have always been my favorite. They always seemed fierce but gentle in a way. Very nice drawings!