Sunday, January 27, 2013


     With brown sketch paper you can render tones very well.  All you have to to is add highlights and shadows.  It's a whole different ball game, and I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Here are a few:
I was very pleased with the motion of the orc.

From John Carter.  He's awesome.

His name's Cletus.  Cletus McNab.

Carol, from Where the Wild Things Are.  Amazing Book.  Also an amazing movie.

It's fiery.  Hence the name.


  1. Awesome. Remind me to beat you up later for drawing way better than I do.

  2. I think your son needs to illustrate book four. :)

  3. These are great - and especially good gesture on that orc drawing. Keep it up!

  4. Your work is amazing! How did you decide to use the brown paper and the highlighting instead of colors on white- or even just charcoal? You have a wonderful ability to think outside of the box!
    I admire your artistic ability. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow! I LOVE drawing on toned paper. I am currently making my own toned paper sketchbook! It's going to be awesome. Your use of the white pencil is nice and restrained. Just enough, and no more. Two things I especially like are the way the light hits Cletus McNab's shoulder armor thingy (that's a technical term), and the wind blowing through Carol's hair. I very nearly felt the wind on my face looking at it! Ok, it may have been our ceiling fan, but still, it was awesome. I love your fire bird. I wonder how it would look if you drew the fire itself with the darker pencil, and used the white to show the brightest part of the flame. Look at pictures of fire, you'll see it's whitest in the very middle. What do you think? I also love the 3/4 view on the John Carter image. That angle is my nemesis... >:(

    Anyway, love the work!

  6. As a teacher of K thru 9th grade art for 30 years I have seen a LOT of drawings done by students.
    I have great admiration for not only your drawing skills, but your desire and ability to share it online with others.
    I invite you to look at how I use animals in my own artwork.

  7. McNab. Hahaha. I actually get it. :D