Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Flight pt. 3

Here is the final image, and I am really, very happy with it.  I almost made it all to dark, but I tweaked a couple of things and fixed it.  I PRESENT TO YOU... THE FLIGHT!!!


  1. Wow. I love this! It is now my desktop background.

  2. Incredible! It is so beautiful!

  3. Aedan,

    I'm quite certain that you're unaware, but you have yourself a growing little fan following in the far-away state of Kansas. Your artistic skills are most impressive.

    Also, will you be illustrating the final installment of your father's Wingfeather Saga? Would love to see an official publication. :)

  4. I love this one!

    I'll show the girls in the morning since we just got home from your Dad's Charlottesville concert. (He was way better than Switchfoot, btw.)

    As always, I love your use of color. You are a young man of vision!

  5. Aedan,
    That is truly incredible. I love whales so much and am often disappointed by sketches that try to capture them together w/ humans. Yours leaves me feeling stunned and breathless by its beauty. Well done.

  6. Desktop background. Right now. Thanks for sharing, Aedan!