Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scholarly Lion #2 Part 2

This is the final piece I did in 2011.
This is the piece I finished just now.  I have to say that I've improved at least a little bit in two years.  But I am sad that I forgot to give the lion in the new piece a monocle... monocles are cool.  Oh well.


  1. Ah, what a pity. Monocles are extremely classy pieces of eyewear–very fashionable for a scholarly lion. But I like it anyway.

  2. Yeah, sorry. I forgot to wear the monocle when I modeled for this new piece. Good thing I remembered the mane helmet! (The picture looks great, by the way.)

    1. Ah, next time, you really ought to remember it–-and a pipe would look quite spiffy as well, in my opinion.

    2. A pipe would have indeed fit in perfectly.