Saturday, January 11, 2014

Busy. (Maybe)

 It has been a long time since I posted.  I have no excuse except...
Anyway,  here are some random sketches.


  1. I'm amazed by you. God has given you magic hands.

  2. Aedan~really great work! You are really commanding(and gaining confidence in) utilizing the entire page. The shading work is also incredible. My favorite is the first one with the ogre and little girl. It is such a beautiful moment of gentleness(I mean if he doesn't decide to have her for breakfast in the next frame.) :)

  3. These are windows to another worlds, so fantastic and amazing, I am watching them for a long time! This is a true gift. Your father is a poet with words and music, and you are a poet with a pencil.

  4. Man, Aedan. Super great characters. You're telling some fabulous stories here.

  5. I love the second drawing in particular, and am glad to see this blog getting some posts.

  6. The last one is my favorite. :D

  7. I saw your link to David Petersen! I love that guy's books! He's one of my inspires!!!

  8. Aedan,

    I am a fourteen-year-old homeschool student living in Franklin, TN. I regularly follow your postings, both sketches and photos. However, there was one illustration (found in this particular entry) that left me utterly breathless: the 1st sketch, of the young girl with her back turned and arm outstretched to the ogre. Oh, you have no idea how this image stirred my imagination! As an artist of words rather than images, I longed to know the tale which wove the characters and landscape into place. And, seen as I had no story or commentary to read, I chose to write one instead. Below is a poem I wrote, inspired by the image you crafted. I send it to you, in order that you know that your illustrations captivate hearts and inspire so many others. God has given you an incredible gift: thank you ever so much for using it.

    Hannah H.

    "She stands in the silence,
    Her tender heart
    Held captive by the grace
    Of the purest stillness.

    "The delicate breathe of spring
    Laughs a dance into her hair
    And a lightness
    Into her sandaled step.

    "The aching in her hands
    Bears the echoes of the past;
    The longing in her eyes,
    The greatness yet to come.

    "She believes,
    Not because she so ought,
    But because she so dares
    To descend into the innocent light.

    "Ever so bravely and faithfully,
    Shall she summon the courage
    And endeavor to unveil
    The breathtaking beauty.

    "As wonder weaves itself into her heart,
    She lifts her fingertips to the fantasy
    And allows herself to embrace
    Expectations of Glory.

    "Might I only learn to do the same."

  9. Wow! That was awesome, Hannah H!
    Fellow homeschooling girl here!