Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I failed the Inktober challenge.  Life happened.  So here are some drawings.


  1. I don't think "Failed" is quite the right word for it. You see, I "failed" the daily challenge as well, but came away with several drawings that I was quite proud of. And I'm hoping to go back and draw a few more to round out the collection. So don't consider your project a failure, but rather a learning experience.

    And these drawings are fantastic! Keep doing awesome stuff as often as you can.


  2. I agree with Mr. will kelly, fail isn't exactly the right term, besides your inktober drawings were awesome. I like these drawings too, especially #2- the angel guy. He's awesome...

  3. Nice job man.
    I had a similar experience with a writing challenge (NaNoWriMo) in which I came out 10,000 words short of my goal. However, you still came out with sweet pieces of art. Keep it up.
    B. Tyler Lowe